Learning to Live

Unit 9


Learning Focus

Watch the videos: Copyright & Open Education Resources http://whyopenedmatters.org/videos/index.html

Creative Commons video & Worksheet https://tinyurl.com/y4fop4av

Task: Use a selection of the search tools and repositories from:

OER Search sites


https://rdmc.nottingham.ac.uk/handle/internal/79 (Uni of Nottingham)

https://www.openeducationeuropa.eu/ in EU Languages

Open University UK

Select 2 OERs:

TOPIC A – related to your academic studies.

TOPIC B – related to a subject you would like to learn more about yourself

Add your findings to the padlet page on the VLE Overview to be posted to https://padlet.com/


Student Resources

Research skills

Evaluating & justifying Digital literacy skills


  • Open Educational Resources
  • Copyright IPP
  • Hedging for academic work

Student Tasks

Evaluating accuracy of websites- ie world news to stay in touch with home news https://www.facebook.com/

Twitter & Facebook to contact family & friends

Twitter https://twitter.com

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