Learning to Live

Unit 1

Unit 1

The learning focus of this unit includes

Internet Etiquette

Internet Etiquette is quite a recent concept. As more and more people have access to this useful service, it has become standard to adopt a certain behaviour pattern in order to promote harmony among users.
Learn more here:

Task for Internet Etiquette

create a collaborative wiki resenting group rules for online behaviour or any free wiki tool i.e. 


( *Finland to use Helsinki Blog) 

Use advice language

Language of Advice

Language of advice refers to the word structure adopted when offering help

(I think we should…If I were you, I’d… Why don’t we…) 

Learn more about it here: https://eslgold.com/speaking/asking_giving_advice/ 

Language of Advice

Discussion Board within VLE– What are the most important rules of netiquette for this group? Post your thoughts ( maximum 50 words- respond to two other postings)

Use advice language


Learning Focus

Managing online identity

Giving personal information

How to stay safe online

Students watch video https://securingtomorrow.mcafee.com/consumer/consumer-threat-notices/10-tips-stay-safe-online/ 

Task: Create a poster to show best practice staying safe online using Glogster http://edu.glogster.com/?ref=com


Student Resources

Finding your way around university website. Introducing yourself Checking your digital footprint https://twitter.com



Student Tasks

Introduce yourself by means of a small personal description of 2 or 3 lines and post it in the social forum of the course.

Check out your digital footprint

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