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Celebrating the Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing in Savonia UAS, Finland

Remarkable corner stone for Savonia UAS – the first group of Bachelor’s degree programme in nursing students are graduating in Kuopio, North Savo area in Finland. The need for qualified registered nurses is worldwide recognized. There is a global shortage of health care workers, who represent more than 50% of the global health care workforce. In Europe the demand for nurses is rising, and Finland makes no difference.

There is a need to educate international students, in which Savonia plays an important role by creating the solutions to meet the needs of tomorrow’s working life. The personalized education model has provided the possibilities to nursing students to plan their studies and have an impact on their internship placements. The degree-based education ensures the student’s competence.

Leena Koponen and Katri Huuskola
Senior Lectures, International Business Unit
Savonia UAS

Read the whole text in Savonia UAS articles 16th Dec 2021 and get a look at the degree in the website.

Bachelor’s Degree Programme is in many of the universities of applied sciences in Finland, Savonia being one of those.

At the very moment there is development in this subject, too. For instance a new degree program for immigrants aims to solve Finland’s nursing shortage at the Helsinki’s region’s Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and the Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TUAS). These organisations aim to offer training to foreign-born students who do not speak Finnish in a different method than before: the degree will be taught largely in English for the first semester, gradually increasing the level of Finnish-language studies alongside intensive language teaching. Read the whole text in Helsinki Times 10th Aug 2021 written by Adam Oliver Smith: New degree program for immigrants aims to solve Finland’s nursing shortage.

UCC Team present details of Web Hub development at conference

UCC Team present details of Web Hub development at conference

At the recent Multiplier Event Conference, hosted by University of Maribor, members of the UCC team gave two presentations on their research outputs as part of this project.

Dr Angela Flynn gave a presentation on the challenge of developing a web hub across a five-partner research team and detailed the ambition of the site. Conference attendees viewed a short clip of a training video that had been created to help partners to populate their country-specific web pages.

Later in the conference Dr Emma Hurley gave a fascinating presentation on the interim findings of the research she has led involving in depth interviews with individual students from asylum-seeking/refugee status backgrounds. Her analysis of these interviews demonstrated the challenges experienced by these students in trying to get along and get through their higher education experience. Evidence from this study which is still ongoing, suggest that higher education institutions may be well intentioned in their provisions but that these services need to be more effectively joined-up. Look out for the publication of these findings coming very soon.

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