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University of Maribor hosts the Learning to Live Multiplier Event

University of Maribor Faculty of Health Sciences hosted an Online International Scientific Conference entitled “LEARNING to Live and Work Together” on June 10th 2021 in the framework of the ERASMUS+ project “LEARNING to Live and Work Together: Improving the Quality of Life for Vulnerable Migrant Students through Integrated Digital Technology Enhanced Support and Transformative Action in Higher Education”. The conference included the most recent findings of domestic and foreign researchers in higher education, social work, nursing and other fields of healthcare.

The conference explored the quality of life for migrant students, transformative action in higher education, advances in nursing research and education as well as advanced nursing practice experience in Slovenian and international arena. Furthermore, it provided an opportunity for practitioners and educators to exchange research evidence, models of best practice and innovative ideas.

  • Social inclusion of Migrant Students and Integration into Higher Education
  • Integrated Digital Technology
  • Enhanced Support and Transformative Action in Higher Education
  • Advanced Nursing Practice Experience
  • Evidence Based and Informed Nursing including Safety, Caring and Care for Patients
  • Research and Education in Nursing and Health Care
  • Leadership in Nursing, Nursing Management and Nursing Practice
  • Postgraduate Student Research
  • UCC Team present details of Web Hub development at conference

    UCC Team present details of Web Hub development at conference

    At the recent Multiplier Event Conference, hosted by University of Maribor, members of the UCC team gave two presentations on their research outputs as part of this project.

    Dr Angela Flynn gave a presentation on the challenge of developing a web hub across a five-partner research team and detailed the ambition of the site. Conference attendees viewed a short clip of a training video that had been created to help partners to populate their country-specific web pages.

    Later in the conference Dr Emma Hurley gave a fascinating presentation on the interim findings of the research she has led involving in depth interviews with individual students from asylum-seeking/refugee status backgrounds. Her analysis of these interviews demonstrated the challenges experienced by these students in trying to get along and get through their higher education experience. Evidence from this study which is still ongoing, suggest that higher education institutions may be well intentioned in their provisions but that these services need to be more effectively joined-up. Look out for the publication of these findings coming very soon.

    UCC Equality Week event

    “One Single Story”

    UCC Equality Week 2021

    Dr Emma Hurley of the Irish team hosted a conversation with a UCC student in ‘One Single Story: There is no ‘single story’ of being a displaced migrant in Ireland. In this session Dr Emma Hurley talks with one student, who has kindly agreed to share their story of their experience of higher education in Ireland
    This talk stemmed from Emma’s qualitative arm of our Learning to Live project, in which she is undertaking in-depth one-to-one interviews with students from asylum-seeking or refugee status.

    You can watch a recording of this event by clicking below

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